I have a peculiar habit—maybe it’s just me, I don’t know—where I always notice a person’s shoes, teeth, and eyes. It does sound a little creepy now, when the words are committed to pen and paper, although those three points of focus will reveal much about the character of an individual.

The type of shoes that you wear convey several pieces of information: personal style, financial ability to afford specific types of shoes, occupation, general outlook on life. What do your shoes say about you to other people? Are you an athlete, boss, blue-collared worker, someone who doesn’t care about your appearance, or someone who doesn’t care what other people think about you?

Some say the eyes are the window to the soul, but I disagree. It’s got to be the teeth. Straight, crooked, missing? White, yellow, black, missing? Filed and pointy, ground flat, perfectly aligned? There’s so much that can be inferred about your social status and class by the first impressions of your dental health.

Eyes are tricky because you have to get closer. Shape, color, texture. Are they filled with compassion, envy, hatred, or love? Are you lucid or glazed-over, hello is anybody in there?

Maybe it’s just me: shoes, teeth, and eyes oh my.