Welcome to the Magical Kingdom of Cross-stitching and List Crossing. I thought that I’d challenge myself this week to finally make a dent in my yearly bucket list, and cross some more items off. I can’t promise myself the accomplishment of one item per week, but I hope to pencil a checkmark in the box beside a few of the low-hanging fruits—prior to today, the current tally is 53 of 100 completed.

As an artist, I really appreciate the time and effort that another artist places on their work. Art, in general, is an intensely misunderstood frame of mind. Non-creative types of the world (yes, you know who you are) have difficulty in identifying merit in artistic pursuits.

I’ve heard it all before:

  • Why would you want to create something that isn’t focused around generating Ben Franklins to stuff inside your wallet?,
  • No one thinks that is interesting except for you!,
  • Hey this [insert name of artform] is becoming a bit obsessive, don’t you think?
  • or That hobby is really expensive!

While each is a valid point, from one perspective, the act of creating art is a necessity for others. Artists who are dedicated to their artform, who practice their skill on a regular basis, and who continually push the limits of their own creativity have a difficult time in simply refraining from creating art on a regular basis. It’s not as simple as flipping off a light switch.

To stop making art, or to squash their own creative desires, is just as much of a foreign concept as holding their breath for no apparent reason or talking to a complete stranger without provocation. If you are a non-creative person and want to understand a painter, a musician, or dancer, simply ask your creative friend why they make art. Sometimes the Why of Making Art is more interesting and relevant than the How of Making Art.

Back to my goal for this week: to kick start the week, I’ve photographed my new Super Mario (aka Raccoon Suit Mario) which arrived in the mail today. My talented sister-in-law created this cross-stitch piece for me, and I think that it’s really well done. I’m pleased to have a piece of artwork from her, much more so than a painting or drawing from some random Joe Artist on the Craftshow Circuit. I’ve placed my Mario cross-stitch on my bookshelf at home, leaning it among my favorite books that are sprinkled with my favorite classic camera. With gusto, I check #87 Collect an original piece of art from my 2017 Bucket List.