You can ask my mother, she will confirm—unequivocally, no doubt—my love for made-up words. As I child I frequently created my own vocabulary. Not because I was bored with the standard-issued inventory in my mind, but because I was attempting to retrieve one of those 25,000 words, without blazing success, and settling for a suitable substitute. As an adult, I make my best attempt each day, with each grouping of words that I muster, to use the proper vocabulary word for each instance. I am a stickler for perfection, whenever possible.

When I saw the Instagram theme of Transparent appear in the roster of daily challenges, I was delighted to look for subject that met the specific requirements. It seemed like a no-brainer, an inevitable snapshot to be captured, following weeks of vacationing. Of course, I am referring to Heliomitosis Transfiguration. I just knew that I needed to capture the microscopic process for today’s image. What? You’ve never heard of that? Ficiton, you say? Poppycock.

Heliomitosis transfiguration: the process by which a collection of human cells begins to pull apart—shifting structure, thought, and feeling entirely from one perspective to another—when exposed to an extensive duration of sunshine, daydreaming, and unbounded experiences of adventure and excitement.