Isn’t it funny, possibly ironic, how prone humans are inclined to repetitive behavior? We shop at the same place, watch the same television shows, and even dine at the same restaurants…all the time. With such variety available to us, why do we always choose the same experiences? I nominate that as today’s Random Question of the Day.

I’m a fajita-kinda-guy; something of a connoisseur, an expert. When prompted with a new Mexican restaurant, I can accurately gauge the quality of an establishment by the quality of their chicken fajita dish. I know, it’s a very rare talent.

The children are spending time with their grandparents today, and this chilly afternoon has presented an opportunity for my wife and I to enjoy lunch together. Considering the outstanding errands that demand our attention, a restaurant lunch is sounding delicious right about now. And the age-old question is proposed: go somewhere familiar or go somewhere yet unexperienced? Feeling adventurous, we choose Door #2, and head to the new-to-us Mexican restaurant over yonder.

Simply stated, the fajitas are amazing, astounding, and all other “A” words that mean something fantastic. I don’t believe that the experience can be credited to the cold snow falling from the sky outside, or the reprieve from the cold temperatures within our home, or even my lovely and infinitely beautiful company. There is something else that makes the food delicious, maybe the oil which cooked the grilled chicken—I don’t know—but it’s really wonderful. To round out the lunch, we select a dessert from the menu, and use a coupon clipped from here or there.

At the bottom of the check, !Gracias=Amigos, can be found in print—which translates to Thank you = Friends!