Since owning this token, I have traveled 15,266 miles across the face of this great planet. How can I be so specific and certain? Great question, I’m glad you asked. The 1.75″ disc of metal is registered on as a Travel Bug. Since buying the trackable game piece in 2012, I have registered it in each geocache that I have found over the last five years. From Maine to Michigan, from Florida to California, this coin has traveled the far reaches of this nation. On the front of the coin: a piercing set of eyes; on the reverse: etched dolphins, sea horses, and the motto Protect The Ocean.

While the token was once reserved for the dusty, dark corners of my desk drawer, I have recently placed the coin in my wallet. You see, I believe in forward thinking: planning or tending to plan for the future. Each week of this year, I am attempting to cross an item or two from my yearly bucket list—that should be obvious to the faithful reader; however, I also have a master list of items that I wish to complete in my overall lifetime. While not published or public in nature, I can tell you that today’s image is indeed related.

I had this idea of carrying a token, or totem, in my pocket (in this case, my wallet) for one year. At the end of the year, I would then hand that totem to another willing soul. It’s a transference process of sorts, from me to you. What’s the significance? I’m not really sure that one is required, in all honesty. So, should you find yourself a willing and interested participant, I will have completed this task by mid-June 2018. Ask me then, and the coin may just be yours for the keeping.