If it were up to me, adventurous outings would supersede shopping, nine Saturdays out of ten. That’s my obvious choice. Today was a perfect case in point: it was a gorgeous seventy-something degree day with bright blue skies, cotton candy slowly drifted by above, and mild temperatures inspired temporary thoughts of rootbeer floats, at least that’s what I experienced from multiple parking lots.

If candy row is empty, choose something else ~ Anonymous, Disgruntled Vending Machine Manager

I halfway joked about rather jumping from a cliff into fifty-two degree water today, if given the choice over shopping all day. Yes, I know adventure can’t happen all of the time. Yes, I know shopping for Halloween costumes is high on the scale of All Things Important in this Crazy Universe. I get that, I know it—but sometimes I want to choose something else—and I think that just makes me human.

Adventure is worthwhile in itself ~ Amelia Earhart

My kids will always be my greatest adventure. Always. I will never regret choosing to be a dad over any awesome, jet-setting, kid-free adventure that life could ever throw my way. Never.

With that being said, my final quarterly self-assessment is right around the bend on Day 273. I will take a final pulse from my project and determine what I need to accomplish in the remaining one hundred days (well, less than that now) to stamp my own mark of approval on this social experiment of mine.

Final thoughts for the day: this entire year-long project has been one wild adventure. Obviously. I’ve enjoyed everyday of this year, every challenge that’s been in front of me, every goal that I’ve accomplished, and every failure or obstacle that I’ve encounter during this year.