Second in overall difficulty, bucket list item #14 Read 50 books, was a real humdinger of a goal for the year. Honestly, I have no idea why I picked the number fifty, although it was truly an insane decision. In the end, I finished the 50th book—Harry Potter and the The Deathly Hallows—two days before the completion of my project. To see the entire list of completed books, hop over to the ever-popular A (Sort of) Bucket List narrative.

A family member asked me on Facebook about my favorite book of the year. I had to pause and think about that question. All year long, I’ve only been focused on completing the task, rather than digesting the content and experience. I’ve come to the conclusion that all of J. R. R. Tolkien entries were my absolutely favorite, but the Harry Potter series ranks as a close second. My only gripe about Harry Potter is that his story is so long—4,224 pages in length, to be exact.

All of my kids love the Harry Potter universe, which prompted our family to attend a festival that was highlighted in Harry Potter and the Haunting Hells Hollow. While I only read the collection to have common ground for discussion, I thoroughly enjoyed all seven books, with the Deathly Hallows being the most riveting book, and I finished that title in a few short days—in contrast, Order of the Phoenix took me nine weeks to complete.

Today’s image focuses on the final book in the series, and—to make the photograph a bit more nerdy (if that’s indeed possible)—I’ve placed my homemade magic wand, created for the festival that we attended, across the pages of Deathly Hallows. Yeah, that may be the most geeky thing that I’ve photographed all year. Nonetheless, moving on.

Books, including the collection of, have always played an important part in my life; although, I can’t say the same for reading those books. For many years, I simply stopped reading—a notion that I now can’t even consider as wholly logical or rational human behavior. In the upcoming year, I will not attempt another mind-numbing goal of fifty titles, but ease back into a more leisurely pace of reading—for pure enjoyment, not an insane got-to-read-a-hundred-pages-tonight mentality. I’m also leaning toward focusing on non-fiction, and getting back into studying the field of photography: technique, methodologies, and artists of the past.

More than anything, I was curious to the number of stories that I’ve written this year, regarding books, and I was surprised that ninety-two entries have something to do with the word book. And I have no idea what the actual content is, however, based on the thumbnail photo, I know that these selected stories were some of my favorites of the year:

In researching supplemental material for today’s narrative, I came across a terrific online article titled 10 Words Every Book Lover Should Know. Three of the ten have been assembled as the title for this story.

While they don’t describe my character perfectly, I can relate to all three, from time to time, and especially during the challenge of reading fifty books in a year:

  • bibliosmia—the act of sniffing old books, getting a fix on the smells of days gone by;
  • book-bosomed—someone who carries a book with them at all times;
  • bibliophagist—a voracious reader, and consumer of literary material.

Can you guess how many pages I read in a year? The total was 15,699. And if that doesn’t have bibliophagist written all over it, I don’t know what does.