I’ve succumbed to the inevitable fact that I will not complete all of the items on my magical list of yearly goals, but I am still going to attempt as many as possible with the remaining three months of the project. Pencil sharpened, list unfolded in front of me, crossing off #74 Create a backyard drive-in.

Despite the cooler weather—I won’t even use the word cold because the temperature was sixty-two by nightfall—I had a backyard movie on my mind today. Possibly, my three dedicated readers will recall my affinity for outdoor cinema? Earlier in the day I purchase ingredients for dinner, picked up the movie rental of The LEGO Batman Movie, found my old digital projector buried in the garage, and located the extra dusty DVD player. I placed the technology tower upon a stack of dirty white lawn chairs, leaned an old sheet of plastic vinyl against the house as a make-shift screen—Perfecto, (perfectly hillbilly-ish).

With bellies full of fresh, hot grillables (BBQ chicken sandwiches, green peppers, mushrooms, and cheesy potatoes) we configured the deck for movie night: comfortable chairs, footrests, and blankets. As part of our lunchtime supply run, my daughters purchased tons of delicious candies for our family movie night.

Some movie-goers donned winter hats or earmuffs, while others simply opted for the hooded sweatshirt. One chilly poodle snuggled under a blanket. The next-door neighbors fashioned a roaring bonfire from their fallen pine trees, and reflections of orange bounced along the distant tree line. The colbalt sky finally darkened and the stars emerged from above. This was a perfect autumn night.

Black. All important movies start with a black screen… And music… Edgy, scary music that would make a parent or studio executive nervous… And logos… Really long and dramatic logos…Now, let’s start the movie. ~ Batman from The Lego Batman Movie