After 127 days of this continuous project, I’m looking for new ways of seeing. There’s nothing wrong with my seeing abilities, although I have noticed how easy it is to fall into the same groove, day after day. Call it my mood or style, but it can be visually predictable based on my personal preferences. Lately, I am less concerned with producing images of predictability and more interested in challenging myself visually. Yesterday’s Bookmarks of a Wandering, Wondering Mind is a good example of me pushing my own creative boundaries.

Today, I am unconcerned with the literal depiction of my world. And that’s great news, because—as of 7:30pm—I had no idea what to capture. The 365_today prompt on Instagram is brick, and honestly I was fresh out of corresponding ideas. Sitting at my home office desk, I decided to mount the 60mm macro lens on my camera and walk around the backyard. Surprisingly, I found numerous photographic subjects, including the image that I selected for today.

I would tell you what you’re looking at—if only I was concerned with the literal depiction of my world—but this evening I am not and I will not. Use your imagination, channel your inner Sigmund Freud, and stretch your creative mind.