The best of intentions, thwarted by rain—that’s how today can be described. I was hoping to visit the local amusement park and participate in a ride-a-roller-coaster-all-day-long-to-win-fabulous-prizes ordeal, but with a projected forecast of repetitive thunder bolts for each hour of the day, that notion got cancelled quickly. Additionally, today is National Hammock Day, and I hoped to string my relaxation rig between two trees for a brief reading session or siesta in the sun. Not today, says the weatherman!

With a list of honey-do-list items longer than the Emancipation Proclamation, it seemed like a terrific opportunity—soaked in a heavy downpour of sarcasm—to get caught up on my husband chore list around the house. And that’s exactly what I did for the majority of the afternoon. I got exactly one item completed on my list, and at least it was one large task.

The rest of the day was lazy, uneventful, and exactly how a Saturday should go sometimes. I even squeezed some video game time into the afternoon agenda. I just had to get started on my bucket list item about completing an entire video game before it was too late!

I know that once school begins next month, weekends will be reserved for running here and there, birthday parties on the opposite side of the universe, and all that other family jazz. So for today, I will gladly accept one day of commonplace, unexceptional, and mundane activities—including photographing this ordinary rain soaked plastic lightbulb, hanging from my ordinary rain soaked aluminum pergola.